Thank you for your help.

Yes we need people who wants help us. We gone pay you for work with LFTC Coin. Before you take any assignment you siging an contract between you and LFTC Consultancy. We do this because we need people how believe in LFTC Coin and our company. So it means it is an permanent job with responsibilities.

Bounties 500 Million LFTC

50 Million Goes to CEO of LTC Consultancy (salary monthly payment 500.000 LFTC )
function is filled.
25 Million goes to the Managing Director of LFTC (salary monthly payment 500.000 LFTC)
function is filled.
10 Million goes to the Manager Credit departments of LFTC (salary monthly payment 200.000 LFTC)
function is filled.
15 Million goes to Developers (salary monthly payment 500.000 LFTC)
5 Million goes to Developers for exchange setup (salary monthly payment 500.000 LFTC)
  •   The first 100 Merchants (shops), bounty each merchants 100.000 LFTC’s (10 million LFTC’s)

  •  The first 5 Merchants (insurance/finance broker), bounty each merchants 1.000.000 LFTC’s (5 million LFTC’s)

  •   The first 5 Merchants (real estate broker), bounty each merchants 1.000.000 LFTC’s (5 million LFTC’s)

  •  Translaters : German, Frans, Spanish (Wallet and websites each language 250.000 LFTC)(total 750.000 LTC’s)

  •  Wallet development. (total each wallet 1.000.000 LFTC’s,  Android )

Total spend 126,500,000 LFTC and MORE TO COME!!!!!! Reserved LFTC 373,500,000

Payments of the bounties after result and  are available for publish. 

All employees are required to give their official address and identity card and signed the memorial of understanding contract.


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